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Standard series of wide-format flatbed UV printer. Variable ink drop technology meets the demand for color density in the picture. Taiwan servo motor. Outstanding stability, stable operation without shock, accurate positioning, and error as low as 0.01MM. Silver guide screw rod. The positioning accuracy is high, and there is no slipping phenomenon. The allowable load is large. The all-steel structure gantry milling frame has undergone high-temperature pullback treatment, and will not deform after long-term use. During the high-speed operation of the car head, it is stable and does not shake. The flatness of the frame is measured by a meter to control the error.

Products Details

Printing table size 2000mm×3000mm

Max material weight 50kg

Maximum material height 100mm

Product Model YC2030H
Printhead Type EPSON
Printhead Number 2-4 heads
Ink Characteristics UV Curing Ink (VOA Free)
Ink reservoirs Refillable on the fly while printing 1000ml per color
LED UV Lamp more than 30000-hours life
Printhead arrangement CMYKW V optional
Printhead Cleaning System Automatic Cleaning System
Guide Rail Taiwan HIWIN
Working Table Vacuum Sucking
Printing Size 2000*3000mm
Print Interface USB2.0/USB3.0/Ethernet Interface
Media Thickness 0-100mm
Life of printed image 3 years(outdoor),10years(indoor)
File Format TIFF, JPEG, Postscript, EPS, PDF etc.
Print Resolution& Speed 720X600dpi 4PASS 4-16sqm/h
720X900dpi 6PASS 3-11sqm/h
720X1200dpi 8PASS 2-8sqm/h
Life of printed image 3 years(outdoor),10years(indoor)
File Format TIFF, JPEG, Postscript, EPS, PDF etc.
RIP Software Photoprint / RIP PRINT Optional
Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz(10%)
Power 3100W
Operation Environment Temperature 20 to 30 ℃, Humidity 40% to 60%
Machine Dimension 3.7*3.35*1.3m
Packing Dimension 3.65*0.7*0.78m  3.9*2.25*1.18m
Weight 1000kg
Warranty 12 months exclude the consumables

Epson Print Head Equiped with Japanese Epson DX5/DX7/XP600/TX800/I3200 heads with 180 nozzles 6 or 8 channels, which provides a high- precision printing.

Sectional Vacuum Suction Platform The vaccum suction platform is easy to operate and save energy, good for various sizes of personalized printing; With full cover for bleeding printing, it will improve the utilization of materials.

Production quality          50sqm/hHigh quality                    35sqm/hSuper high-quality          25sqm/h

High Precision Mute Linear Guide Rail Use high precision mute liner guide rail, long service life, high stability, immensely decrease noise while printer is printing, within 40DB while printing.

German IGUS Energy Chain Germany IGUS Mute Drag Chain Utilize on X axis, ideal for protection of cable and tubes under high speed motion. With high performance, low noise, make the working environment more comfortable.

Lift cap station system High quality Automatic ink absorption cleaning control unit. Which could greatly extend print head life span.

Ink Characteristics Use non-VOC environmental UV curing ink, clear and perfect printing quality, no bias color, no mixing color, waterproof, wear-resistant. Color with CMYK white and varnish optional for glossy surface printing.

YC2030H UV flatbed printer is a cost-effective product newly launched Ntek, To build industrial-grade equipment with ingenuity, in order to improve stability, NTEK has strict requirements, from the whole machine structure to data transmission, from the application of printhead to the selection of accessories, using high-quality components and mature printing design technology, with high stability and high durability , long service life, etc.1. YC2030H UV flatbed printer adopts compatible multi-model printhead design, RICOH Gen5/Epson i3200 printhead etc optional. 2. Can print CMYK white and varnish in one time for high speed and resolution. 3. YC2030H wide format flatbed printer can run very fast and reach a very acceptable production, Max printing size 2000mm*3000mm. 4. Smooth aluminum alloy platform, suitable for printing a variety of materials. 5. Automatic height measurement device, which can automatic measure the distance between printhead and material, save time and improve efficiency. 6. The printhead anti-collision device can stop automatically when it touches the medium.Protect the printhead. 7. UV LED lamp imported from Korea. Are safe, energy efficient and generate minimum heat, Strong practicability, Power is adjustable. The working life more than 30000 hours. 8. Printing material thickness 0-10cm, higher can be customized, such as printing height 400cm. 9. Ink alarm system to remind customer to fill ink in the bottle. 10. Eco-friendly UV printing ink, YC2030H UV printers use high-quality printing ink which delivers color saturation and brighter color. It can be completely cured in 1 second to a few seconds, greatly improve production efficiency. UV printer has realized the true no plate printing, the design, the production process is simple, using the new original piezoelectric nozzle imported from Japan, to obtain high precision and resolution image color printing output, while reducing the consumption of ink. In addition, Printhead type, printhead number and printer size is optional, NTEK Meet your various printing requirements. YC2030H UV flatbed printer suitable for advertising industry, decoration industry, Personalized printing industry and other industries, Such as widely printing on MDF, glass, ceramic tile, integrated wallboard, PVC, acrylic ,metal sheet etc. The advanced technology of color white varnish makes the material surface more smooth, 3D relief, braille printing etc to achieve vivid color printing effect. Ntek are professional manufacturer of UV printers for 13 years with CE certificate and ISO9001 certified, strict quality inspection process and high-quality service enable our printers to be exported to the world. 1. With professional engineer for service on time,Free training online, operation video, manual, Remote control instruction service also be provided. 2. UV Flatbed printer delivery time usually 7-10 working days, If you are very urgent, Our factory will try our best to shorten the production time for you. 3. We are looking for agents from all over the world, OEM service is available.











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